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Our team approach to college consulting combines the personalized attention of a small practice with the resources of a combined 65 years in education and admissions work.

Our clients benefit from the personal relationship that they build with their primary consultant, while knowing that they have our team’s breadth and depth of experience to draw from as well. This enables College Options to provide the very best specialized consulting in the areas of college search, application and writing support, financial aid and merit money, athletic recruitment, fine and performing arts admission as well as guidance to students with learning differences.

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“Thanks to you and your team for taking [our son] (and us) through the process, with a perfect outcome for him.”

–Sudbury parent

College Options

Phone: 978-270-8198
Email: collegeoptions@comcast.net

Memberships & Certifications:
Katelyn Klapper, AICEP, HECA, IECA, NACAC
Catie Costello, HECA

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