When is the right time to start working with an IEC—am I too early/too late?

We firmly believe in meeting the student’s and family’s needs where they are when they walk through our door. If it is sophomore year, and this is your first child to go to college, then we have a package to get you started, but not too overwhelmed. If you have a rising senior who has just become engaged in the college discussion, we have a more compressed package to help you and your student get on track as quickly as possible without losing opportunities to find good fit. Many of our families begin with us sometime just before, or during, first semester of junior year.

What if we need help with athletic recruitment? Or a fine/performing arts process? Or in learning more about programs for students with a learning disability?

We are ready for you! We pride ourselves in being equipped to manage most special circumstances in the admissions process, from athletics and the arts, to evaluations of pre-professional programs and assistance to students who are evaluating learning support services in their college search. During our thorough inquiry process, should we determine that we are not a good fit for your needs, we will not hesitate to refer you to a better-fit colleague.

What if my child is not a “top student”-how much do we really need an IEC if she’s not looking at highly selective schools?

Great college fit is not reserved for the top 10% of the class. All college bound students should be encouraged to engage in the same level of thoughtful search, which includes academic, social and financial fit. It is equally important for a student who is just finding their academic footing to establish the qualities in a college environment which will enable them to continue to grow and succeed—and graduate in 4 years! We welcome students of all academic profiles, abilities and interests. The variety keeps us engaged and fosters creativity in the work we do with all of our clients.

If we want to learn more about affordable college choices and the financial aid process, is this an extra service?

Just as with our other specialized knowledge, we treat financial aid education and affordability discussions as an integral part of the college conversation if the family makes this request. There is no additional fee for these services. Alternatively, we also offer some lower cost alternatives to families who would like to access just this financial aid and affordability expertise. Please see our parent workshop page for more information.

How do we get started?

We encourage you to call us to set up a time for an initial phone conversation. You can reach us by calling 978-270-8198 or by filling out the on-line Contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

12 Questions to Ask When You Hire an IEC” - Independent Educational Consultants Association

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