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Personal Story

After 15 years working in higher education, I decided to stay home for two years when my third child was born to figure out my "next chapter".  My happiest and most fulfilling years in college admissions led me to independent educational consulting, but my hidden entrepreneurial drive helped to make my business successful, and one that is still growing. I have experienced a variety of working environments from joining an established team to creating my own business plan and founding College Options. I have even changed my practice model to help me build my own team. I am especially drawn to coaching others as they seek to grow or transition out of their practices.

For more about our team approach and my own college counseling philosophy please see this highlight piece about our practice in Boston Voyager magazine.

Professional Mentoring and Coaching Experience

I have mentored and educated colleagues for almost 10 years and since 2015, taught more than 200 IECs in the UC Irvine IEC practicum course. At the conclusion of the course, I offer all of my students a one on one coaching session to review their final business plan and personal goals. These coaching sessions cover college counseling skills and models, ethical business practices and practical business development issues.  Through this experience, I have had exposure to a range of business models, the array of regional and international challenges, and have developed insight into the future possibilities and challenges of our profession.

Recent Leadership, Coaching, and Training Experience

  • Instructor, UC Irvine, Certificate in Independent Educational Consulting (2015-Present)
  • Faculty, NACAC Pre-Conference, Transitioning to Private Practice (2017 & 2018)
  • Faculty, IECA Pre-Conference, Incorporating Affordability Planning into Your Practice (2017)
  • Commissioner & Vice Chair, AICEP (2016 – 19)
  • Board Member & Standards and Ethics Chair, HECA (2016 – 20)

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

After quickly building my business to capacity in 3 years, I looked for ways to grow my business to a 6-figure income, without sacrificing the quality of my services, or my work/personal life balance. I can inspire you to do the same! 

My personalized IEC Business Development Coaching Package provides*:

  • Guided self-assessment and business planning
  • Budget/income planning and pricing guidance
  • Service package development
  • Comprehensive process planning that builds efficiency without compromising personalization
  • Growth models and the implications of hiring/outsourcing 
  • Compensation models and employee management considerations
  • Phasing-out/business sale planning

If you are looking for the resources to fully evaluate a business transition plan, let me be your guide.

*Scope of service decided on contract.

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“Katelyn provided critical guidance as I developed my business model, including pricing and process, but most importantly I have valued her clear and focused coaching at times of unexpected challenges or opportunities.”

--Sandy Storer, Gap Consultant, A Gap Away

College Options

Phone: 978-270-8198
Email: collegeoptions@comcast.net

Memberships & Certifications:
Katelyn Klapper, AICEP, HECA, IECA, NACAC
Catie Costello, HECA

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