Comprehensive College Consulting & Admissions Insight

Selecting a college is an important decision. With more than 3,500 two and four-year schools to choose from and an ever-changing admissions and financial aid landscape, it is also a decision that merits knowledgeable advice.

Good Fit Formula: Academic + Social + Financial = Your Best College Options!

Our team is committed to helping students and families identify a personalized good fit list that matches the student’s academic promise and preferences, social personality and needs, as well as the family’s savings and college budget.

Guiding & Empowering

With an enthusiasm for helping students find colleges that match both their interests and talents, College Options helps clients discover their best college fit, while empowering them with self-appraisal, advocacy and organizational skills—all of which result in a more successful transition to college.

Personalized Packages

All of our packages are personalized to the client’s needs and we provide flexibility in service through the following options:

  • Comprehensive College Planning Package (11th & 12th grade)
  • Targeted (10-Hour) Senior or Transfer Package
  • Underclass Advising Package (9th & 10th grade)
  • Express List or Affordability Consults
  • Parent Workshops

Financial Focus

We believe that an awareness of real college costs and the prospect for need or merit based aid should be a first step, and not the last. Our commitment to helping families understand their financial choices is underscored by our workshop offerings and speaking engagements on this important piece of the college conversation.

College Options

Phone: 978-270-8198
Email: collegeoptions@comcast.net

Memberships & Certifications:
Katelyn Klapper, AICEP, HECA, IECA, NACAC
Catie Costello, HECA

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